How about Wifi services in your vehicle ? Agree or Disagree...

A report in the LA Times and on explains that Chrysler will offer Wi-Fi service via their UConnect web service in many of next year’s Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep models. The system will cost around $500 plus a $30 dollar monthly fee. The price tag is a little steep but may be worth it to get download speeds of up to 800 kb per second while driving 70 Mph down the highway.

Usually the subscriber regard greater internet connectivity as unambiguously good progress towards more efficiency and productivity, but this raises people worried a bit. Chrysler explains that the service is only for passengers or for the driver when the vehicle isn’t moving, but as we all know that the temptation will be too great for many. The horror stories about drivers distracted while talking/ texting on cell phones or fiddling with GPS units are enough to make me sick. These accidents happen while being distracted by a mere cell phone. Imagine what could happen if people are distracted by work, Ebay, Facebook, and Youtube.

Everybody would love to have Wi-Fi service wherever my car is but might be worried that the benefits won’t outweigh the safety risks. Currently is there any laws, that make computer use while driving illegal ?... point to ponder

Regardless of the safety concerns, this is a sure sign that ubiquitous connectivity is on its way. Everybody can tied down by work e-mails, status updates, and webinars. With a sense of wary excitement, let us wait to see what will be developed next.

Let me know if have opinion on this new advent…

Source: Wireless Technology
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