Lessons Linux Should Learn From Windows and Mac

It shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume that a good portion of those whom read this blog are Linux users, and so are involved to varying degrees in what is commonly called the ‘Linux Community’. Anyone who’s been into the whole Linux thang for a while has probably noticed this; I haven’t even been into it for very long (just a year and a bit, perhaps), but I’ve seen the following attitude on display here and there throughout the community.

When there’s not a massive amount of people whom are using Linux, or really anyone that shares a common interest in any particular thing in general, we’re going to tend to band together, to be a really close-knit community. By and large, you’re not going to find a whole lot of Windows users really getting too chummy because there’s literally millions upon millions of them. Even Mac, which only takes around 8% of a share of the market, that tiny 8% is millions as well. Linux takes less than 1%, according to statistics provided by Marketshare.

So when we’ve got such a small community we can tend to, well, get a bit caught up among ourselves. Sometimes we can be pretty quick to dismiss the competition and really try to aggressively push the Linux ’cause’, if you get what I mean. ‘Winblows’, ‘Micro$oft’, and all other kinds of oh-so-very-witty remarks get thrown around liberally and regularly, but it only takes a second of non-biased clarity to see that often, we’re walking in their footsteps. And really, we can see that Windows and Mac do a great number of things right, and not all of them are things that Linux gets perfect.... [read more]
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