New Intel Core i7 processor : Geared to shutdown AMD Deneb processor


Intel has come out new brand named processor, called Intel Core i7 Processor and will be released around mid of November 2008. In fact, i7 processor in not something new, it use the Nehalem processor architecture(rename from Penryn and Yorkfield), which we previously called as Core 2 Quad processor.

Other details include a TDP of 130W for all three models and a total of 8MB of L3 cache. As previous rumors indicated, the upcoming Core i7 920 mainstream CPU will be offered with a price tag of USD 284, while the other two will be sold for USD 562 and USD 999. These prices are available in thousand unit quantities, which means that the street price tag will most likely be higher. Unfortunately there are no details regarding a specific release date, but if you have already set your eyes on one of the above-mentioned units, you should prepare a strong budget, as you will also need to acquire one of the upcoming LGA1366-supporting mobos and probably some DDR3 modules.

Although the first Nehalem processors to be released will be formally branded as Intel Core i7 processors, the i7 identifier will in fact be one of several new identifiers in the Nehalem product line up to be released over the next year. It seems the Intel Core will be the main branding in the family with the following identifier added in to help consumers determine easily what feature set and capability a particular processor will have. Model numbers will also help identify each chip. Referring to the name i7, the more technical name has been choosen compare with previous brand;core 2, core 2 duo, core 2 quad. However, we do are quite sure that this new processor will create even more confusion for average PC buyers.

Whilst, AMD also has fight in the battle with new born processor. Taking from brightest star in the constellation Cygnus and one of the vertices of the Summer Triangle, AMD call it as Deneb Processor. Although we know that it will come late in the game, but there is at least something that AMD fans can hope for. K10.5 AMD’s 45nm Deneb quad-core part can hit more than 3.2GHz.

Two Deneb 45nm 125W AM2+/DDR2 processors will launch in January 2009. DVTs will be available in October. 125W AM3/DDR2 EVT samples are expected to be available in August and there will be no AM2+/DDR2 EVT samples available at all.

The AM2+/DDR2 Deneb 45nm processors have been specified to support only dual-plane motherboards. These processors will exceed current specifications when paired with a single-plane board. AMD is also recommends that ODMs do NOT support these two AM2+/DDR2 Deneb parts on any single-plane boards.

Subsequent Deneb 45nm AM3 based processors are not expected to carry these same limitations.

AMDs current internal launch plan is stating that AM2+/DDR2 125W BXS is to launch January 8, 2009 @ CES – AM3/DDR3 95W BXS to launch sometime in February 2009 – AM3/DDR3 125W BXS to launch March 3, 2009 @ CeBIT.

This will be the first time that AMD has used the FX moniker in quite some time. Enthusiasts are hoping for AMD to differentiate itself, but more than likely, the FX release will introduce slightly higher clock frequencies and larger caches.

We do hope that the competition between Intel and AMD will go on as for us to enjoy a great achievement in Processing technology in the future.
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