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T- Mobile has reported a tremendously swapped order to a new Google G1 Android mobile phone for their carrier services. The unofficial number has reached up to 1.5 million subscriber and the demand will further increase in short time.

Google is on track to make a big impact in the smart phone market. Analysts say that Android will make its debut as a serious competitor with the Apple iPhone 3G. The G1 is expected to hit store shelves after October 22.

The recent pre-sales orders demonstrate that consumers want their own Google phone. Some buyers of the new mobile phone are those that were left out of the loop with the iPhone 3G release.

HTC is the maker of the G1 phone. T-Mobile has already tripled their original number of orders with the cell phone maker. While the G1 is sold out, T-Mobile has issued more orders from HTC to cover the pre-sales. The mobile phone carrier said that more inventory is on the way.

Android is is the software platform and operating system for the new G1 mobile devices. It is developed by Google and later adopted by the Open Handset Alliance.Its seems that billion of google fan cannot wait any longer to have their G1. They really want to feel themselves the OS, whihch has been claimed to the fastest, simplest yet a very user friendly applications. For me, I don`t to be athe first tester, but until Google claim their G1 has matured enaough and I will find the hole…
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