WPA athentication setting in Ubuntu 8.10 has a bug ?

I got complaint from my wireless user whom using Ubuntu 8.10. He said that, he cannot get connected to our university secured wireless network. For your information, our wireless infrastructure based on Aruba Networks system with multiple wireless controller and about 800 access point around the campus. Our wireless environment implement WPA authentication and TKIP encryption.

We also deploy protected EAP (PEAP) using EAP token method. User database stored in a Radius server by using FreeRadius running on FreeBSD platform. He said, before upgrading his Ubuntu 8.10, he was using Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04. The previous Ubuntu is running well. Once he upgrade it to Ubuntu 8.10, he cannot get connected to our secure wireless environment anymore. Hmmmmm... while other user with other stardard OS e.g Windows XP, Mac OS and Windows Vista doesn't have any problem, so I suspect, the WPA configuration in Ubuntu 8.10 has a bug.

It seems like doesn't works well in a secured wireless environment. If you are working in my environment, better not upgrade your Ubuntu to version 8.10. Keep maintain your version 8.04 (Hardy Heron). Unless if your environment only deploy WEP key or WPA PSK then you can upgrade it to 8.10.... my advice to Vista users, downgrade your OS to windows XP for better experience while surfing through wireless network which deploy WPA authentication. Or you can visit this link to setup Linux on 802.1x authentication environment with WPA/TKIP setting. Click Here.

Anyone disagree with my statement... leave your comment and share your experience using Ubuntu 8.10 with WPA authentication wireless security environment.

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