Biased evaluation criteria in the Forrester Wave Report ?

As reported by Forrester on September 5, 2008 " The Forrester Wave™: Network Access Control, Q3 2008", Forrester’s 73-criteria evaluation of network access control (NAC) vendors, we found that Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Bradford Networks, and Juniper Networks lead the pack because of their strong enforcement and policy.

According to TechViewz.Org:

My conclusion, I don't understand why Forrester not include InfoExpress and Consentry in their evaluation report. That's why the Q3 2008 report produced by Forrester does not showing the actuall scenario about NAC technology available in the market. The evaluation criteria chosen to identify the market leader in NAC seems like biased to certain products only.

I would like to see is there any head-to-head evaluation between Cisco, Juniper, InfoExprees, COnsentry and Bradford in solving network access on real ubiquitous network.

Not only that, this blog also claim that previous Forrester report on podcast research also not base on actual fact. Click here for detail.
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