Practical Gadget for Executives and VIPs : which one is best for your Boss ?

After final testing on the suitable gadget for our Executives and VIPs group, we have given the best recommendation after considering their task and job responsibility including their level of knowledge on IT and gadget. Technically, between these three device, I would not recommend the Iphone for our Executives. Basically, Iphone is known as Mobile music player, while the requirement for our VIPs group, they are looking for a solution that usually for digital secretary and mobile office. Off course it is not only for the funky entertainment for them. Good secretarial gadget means, the gadget suppose to assist the top group of people to manage all their info/files/data in one mini/super small cabinet, inside the mobile. The assistant should also be able to perform multiple task such as reading email (as fast as possible), sending data, sharing info between others , and the most important is that the mobile assistant should be a very user friendly user interface as the Top Management always fight with time.

When we talk about Nokia E90 and blackberry Bold 9000, both are having great ability and features to assist top executive on many areas. Normally, the problem with Nokia E90 is always about its design. It is bulky block phone which is similarly like a brick. I'm always saying that, you use it to throw it to the dog. It is good to show off but for those top executive groups, there are really looking a gadget that is easy to carry, light , useful and heavy usage mobile, which is lastly you may consider to look into Blackberry. It compromise most of the needs from top management. Actually, they can turns their office to a new concept of "Office Anywhere Environment". It was enabled with push mail feature and a very outstanding battery life. Furthermore it will take less then a few seconds to reply a quick text. and you will never out of contact.. But if you hate to use small keyboard and no problem with junk and bulky phone, then you can consider Nokia E90 to use.

Dude !, don`t forget about another competitor which is Nokia E71. It is merely design for a mobile business user. It can be a great rival for Blackberry Bold 9000 and I really mean it. It also got almost everything for your top, top Executive Borad, except the fast remote email handler, like one in Blackberry.
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