Ubuntu of Muslim Edition Released ( UbuntuME)

The termedous hard working and tireless efford of the UbuntuME( Ubuntu muslim Edition) to develope the first linux operating system based on the islamic concept.

What makes Ubuntu Muslim Edition special? Well, it comes customized with Islamic software, like prayer times, or an Arabic learning software. This special edition of Ubuntu Linux also features GUI improvements, a customized splash screen, GDM login, a wallpaper, and comes with Firefox bookmarks for the Islamic community. Highlights of Ubuntu Muslim Edition include:

WebStrict, a parental control utility enabled by default for a safe Internet browsing session; · Zekr 0.7.0, an application to help you study the Quran. It is installed and set-up to play Quran recitations; · Mozilla Firefox browser comes packed with the Minbar and Firefox “Pray Times” add-ons; · Monajat, a software that displays Islamic prayers; · Thwab, an encyclopedia software; · Custom artwork for the boot splash, login screen, desktop wallpapers and GNOME theme.
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