Netbook not only for surfing with Ion platform

For a device pre-embedded with Intel Atom processor,  Netbook has been introduced into society as a simple surfing device with minimum capability to perform higher processing. However, with a little help from Nvidia, this boy could perform a little bit better than just internet surfing.

The company is planning to launch a CPU-GPU combo that would combine Intel’s Atom processor and Nvidia’s GeForce 9400M motherboard graphics processing unit (GPU) into a new platform called Ion.

Ion, which is likely to debut in the first half of 2009, can potentially offer graphics and video performance that is ten times better than just an Atom-processor based device, says Nvidia.

The platform will also be powerful enough to go beyond Windows XP and run Vista and potentially even  Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows 7.

An Ion-platform machine will generate less heat than a current Atom system, while offering battery life that is about the same.

Clearly this is the next evolutionary step for netbooks. While netbooks score on price, size and weight, their limited processing capabilities render them almost useless for some time-killing activities such as playing some World of Warcraft or watching crazy animal videos on YouTube without the machine stalling several times.

Companies other than Nvidia are also taking note of this limitation.AMD is also planning to release Yukon, its CPU-GPU combo for netbooks, next year.

It is likely Nvidia’s Ion will hit the market first. It could be a little more expensive than just Atom-based machines but it’s a price most consumers should be willing to pay.

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