New Stylish Apple Netbook ; right time and the right market

Undoubtedly this coming new year will become the year of Netbook. Since the incoming Netbook series from Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell, etc has come out with their gorgeous Netbook model. But why we don`t have any hear about Apple MAC Netbook series. Are they just not interested with the lont waiting list of the huge Netbook market?  They are doing something actually. It seems that Apple also feels the termendous aura from this market. Apple target in early 2009 to launch their two Netbooks product at MACWorld Conference and Expo.

Well, for me, it is a great news for me since I do really like MacBook pro but a little bit inconvenient with its size (coz I am quite a mobile + remote user).  likewise, I dont like the Macbook air coz it cuts a lot of MacBook Pro advantages (storage, battery life, etc…). However, there still some voices who disagree with the Apple Netbook outcome.

Reasonwise: Apple is a respected brand that has always made higher-end consumer products. Their laptops typically are released at a price of around $1200 going all the way up to their Pro line of $3500 or so. Historically they make products for the artistic professionals – movie makers, photographers, designers, etc. The business world uses Windows and all the art is made on Macs.By releasing a netbook Apple would not only risk jeopardizing their respected professional brand, but they would also risk sabotaging their second-hand market that keeps enthusiasts abated until they decide to buy another new Apple machine. They would also risk having to release a machine that was not iconic in its design, like nearly every Apple machine has been.

Sincerely I partly aggree with their argument. Apple plays a very unique IT environment way on how they sucessfully bring their “closed system” to the market and people love that. But, as long as the market for the mobile user is very huge, then I think Apple should go for Apple Netbook, and even faster to produce Apple lightweight Netbook, Netbook air.

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