LG KM900 Arena : Born with makeup…

TODAY IS THE DAY OF TOUCHSCREEN ! Am I say it wrongly? In fact all manufacturers try their best to design the most comfortable touchscreen on their mobile product. Same goes with LG KM900 Arena

LG KM900 Arena appeared on a phone retailer brochure in the Netherlands. As you can see its metallic design is quite similar to the Samsung i900 Omnia. However, the new device is more compact than the Omnia and runs on a new UI, called S-Class, which bears some resemblance to the Apple iPhone’s.

It is designed with capacitive touchscreen but no news on multi-touch.

LG KM900 Arena features a 5 megapixel camera with DVD quality video recording capabilities (don’t you just love LG current D1 video?) and DivX playback (much appreciated!). The rich connectivity options include Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi. However, there are no big impact on this new product since it stills keep mirroring the Iphone style.

However we will have to wait for the official announcement (probably at the MWC 2009) before drawing any conclusions.
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