Linux evolution on mobile industry

Most people don’t think twice about which operating system will power their new smart phone or other mobile device. They are just looking at the physical feature such as touch screen, camera, and other features.

Linux has been put as an underdog squad in the Operating system regime. Microsoft since before continous proclaim that this immatured squad will never touch microsoft tail. What linux actually referred to? linux is actually a based / platform of several Operating System in the market such as suse, Novell, REd Hat, Ubuntu, Mobilinux and even Mac OS. Linux nowadays is getting matured and more matured. Not just that, they even conquer the mobile OS market. The original Linux mobile OS has put their effort order to at the same line with other competitors.

For example, a look at the Linux-powered Nokia N800 Internet tablet shows just how an operating system can have strong advantages and shortcomings. This Internet tablet runs customized Linux software, Maemo, which has been developed from the Debian and Gnome technologies. Out of the box, the unit can browse the Internet, read RSS feeds, send and receive e-mail, play music and videos, and make Internet phone calls using Google Talk. It also can transmit live video during phone calls via a built-in camera. Internet connection can be established via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or by using a broadband-capable cell phone as a modem. Because the device is based on open-source software, you can find and install those capabilities for free. Yet, this type of flexibility isn’t for everybody - many people will find it easier and more satisfying to buy devices based on other, less-open platforms such as the Symbian OS and Windows Mobile.

Then we could imagine how the future Nano-PC would be as the Linux team is trying to develop a complete solution which is very possible to be embedded into small mini device.
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