Windows Mobile 7 : Dont expect to much from Microsoft

After the release of Windows Mobile 6.5 was officially confirmed for the second half of this year it now appears that its successor isn’t too far away either. In an analysts meeting held yesterday Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed that Windows Mobile 7 will be available next year.

Steve Ballmer confirmed that Microsoft will make all they can to make up for the main disadvantage of their OS - namely the lack of user-friendliness. Finger optimization is one of the key thought in the developers’ minds when designing the WinMo 7 and we should expect a whole load of new nice applications too. But I would rather say that these adeas are two back ideology. To be frank, the “enhanced” development that Microsoft claimed on their new Windows Mobile 7 is already occupied in the iPhone product.

And the most important thing is that the User interface (UI) of Windows Mobile 7 is really the same as prvious version. Microsoft just tend to upgrade their new Windows Mobile UI on the future Windows Mobile 8, which I think not good planning Microsfot is not the biggest Mobile OS monopolist as to compare with their Desktop Operating System.
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