Security issue of Mobile Safari on iPhone OS 3.0

5 more days to go. iPhone users have waited months to hear: The new iPhone 3.0 OSwill be released soon on June 17, 2009.

iPhone 3.0 will be a free release for all iPhone customers — both original iPhone users and iPhone 3G users will be able to download it at no charge once it’s released. iPod touch customers can download the new release for USD$10, and it will work on first- and second-generation iPod touch models.

Phone 3.0’s tethering works over USB or Bluetooth, and works on Mac OS X and Windows. The new iPhone OS 3.0 supports HTTP-based streaming audio and video that will pick the right bit-rate depending on your phone’s data connection quality. Autofill has been added for the Mobile Safari software, to save you from having to fill out forms manually.

The dangerous side is: when you save and enable the autofill function for your web based application such as username and password; once your iPhone lost… all your webbased application account must be expected to be gone too. Your free email account (gmail, Yahoo mail) can simply be taken over by unauthrorized people. This is one of the dangerous situation that may lead to identity theft. Becareful for all those good features offered by mobile Safari.

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