Making a call while you are playing games ; thats only for Sony

Hope sony will produce mobile PSP with full capacity; gaming and mobility features.

Mobile Phones today are available in combination with great MP3 players, high resolution digital camera, video recorders, and mobile computers as well. Manufacturers compete among themself to provide the most powerful mobile gadget that can deliver a great perfromance in all of these features. As the battle is still hot, Sony is considering making a device that combines the best of its mobile phone technology with its PSP games platform.

Sony could set up a project team as early as next month to develop a new portable device combining the function of a PSP portable gaming console and a Sony Ericsson mobile cell phone, Reuters reported.

Mobile phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson is a joint venture between Sony and Sweden’s Ericsson.

Sony is said to be concerned by the threat posed by Apple’s iPhone. Dozens of major games studios, including Capcom and Electronic Arts, are developing games for Apple’s touch-screen device, potentially pitting the iPhone and iPod touch directly against Sony’s PSP console and Nintendo’s hand-held device, the DS.

However, gaming fans will not be getting their hopes up – rumours of a PSP phone first surfaced in 2007, when Sony filed a patent application showing a portable games device with phone capabilities, while in January of this year, Sony was said to have refused to sanction the use of the PlayStation brand by its Sony Ericsson telecoms arm.

When it is true, it will give a great outcome for the mobile evolution.
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