Review on Nokia N97 : offer the capacity to boost internet user

When I was having fun with my Nokia E90 for about 4 months, I have to admit that is a great warrior, for its simplicity, stylish, elegance and powerful. Nonetheless, I found a little bit difficulties in browsing internet when no ” mouse” for me to scroll down/up the the screen.

Maybe Nokia N97 will give some answer for my problem. Most people might agree that N97 is more for the social networker than the businessman as the interface is not quite as tuned to instant email access as on E-series phones like the new E75.

Like the N96, there’s a 5-megapixel camera with a dual-flash Carl Zeiss lens for some super detailed pictures that can be easily geo-tagged through the A-GPS and uploaded through OVI-share.

Size-wise, the candy bar-shaped N97 isn’t burdened too much by the array of mighty specs. It’s longer, but no thicker than the N96 despite the addition of a keyboard and the huge 32GB (48GB with a microSD card) on-board memory.
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