Windows 7 - New transform from slumpy Vista product or backward roadmap?

Microsoft has recently announced a new baby birth from Microsoft family, called Windows 7, which will be a predecessor for Windows Vista and Xp soon. Well, hearing this kind of thing would give a lot in mind. Why they have to come with new windows product very soon? Is the vista not good enough to sustain the requirement of global need? or the XP already run out of petrol so then they cannot boost further?

Any of the answer you might have if you browse the google website a little deep further. Most of the internet savvy said that the Vista is suck!. Is it true? Well, some is right and some of the little is not really actually. At the first time when Vista is launched, the current hardware cannot support this giant truck. Just imagine a giant Bigfoot try to walk on the half lane road. Really slow right. In fact, not as claimed by brother gates from Microsoft, who said that This kitty Vista will finely run with single Core and 512 MB RAM, the Windows vista only can really work with Quad core 9300 series together with more than 2 GB RAM. Off course, you have to count enhanced display also, like HD 4850 or Nvidia 8600GT for minimum optimal performance and . Then this giant can run as fast as windows Xp as it is full with petrol and boosted by hydrogen + nitrogen + turbo charger. The price? That actually the main factor why this giant vista still walking in the darkness. Don`t surprise if some of people out there call VIsta as Me of NT.
Then, why this Windows 7 come out so soon? This is because Microsoft sees that people are starting to look into other alternative , like Ubuntu, or just simply go back to Windows Xp, which really can promise on stability and great performance even though its kernel safety is really suck no matter how many patch you fed him. Not good investment and reputation right?So, This Windows 7 will come out with lesser memory consumption while still remain the vista look. See? This is Microsoft. Sell it. see what happen. “Oh! got problem”.then come out with new backward thing in 2010. Done.

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