2010 mobility for Google, keep Apple and Nokia busy

We can say year 2010 gives a significant milestone for Google mobile internet. Just after few days, Google and HTC brought a new mobile for their latest Andorid 2.1, Nexus One. Google Nexus One is believe to become the greatest competitior of Apple Iphone on varous aspects. Featuring a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and Android 2.1 operating system, Nexus One has a 3.7″ AMOLED display similar to what you find on the Zune HD. As for the software, it now contains live wallpapers, 5 homescreen panels, new weather and news widgets, an all new 3D framework and voice recognition, using which you can skip typing and just dictate text to any field inthe phone. With the newcomers form Google, it is expected to finally give Apple Inc.’s iPhone a run for its money in the smartphone arena. The Nexus phone is as slim as a pencil, weighs about as much as a cigarette lighter (130 grams) and has a surface area similar to a deck of cards.

Android also offers a large application store — similar to Apple’s App Store — called the Android Market. However, unlike Apple, all of the applications made available for Android are free. Google may be entering the consumer hardware biz, thus competing directly with Apple. In other words, just forget about new micrsoft WM7, or Symbian V7.0. or even Blackberry software.

However, if Nokia really want to get involve in the mobile chaos 2010, they should concentrate more on their new triump card, Maemo-based N900. The quality is much more like super mini PC with the laptop-alike screen resolution, super OS, and superc embedded graphic adapter, and just need to upgrade a little bit on memory capacity and CPU. So, if Android can become a champion of internet smatphone, Iphone for their multitouch and “cool” capability, then Maemo-based could become a super-cool phonetop. I guess so….

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