Best Online Places to Play Chinese Checkers

Chinese checkers is a great game for anyone who enjoys traditional checkers, but wants a very different twist. There are a number of great places to play online Chinese checkers. While there are many places that charge you to play online games, there are also many that are free. Whether you are looking to waste time while you are at the office or you just want to play at home on your own time, it is important to know that there are many websites that you can choose from. Here are the best online places to play Chinese checkers.

Addicting Games
One of the most popular free gaming websites is With this game, you will be playing against the computer rather than against online friends. It is just like playing the board game. The rules and object of the game are the same. You will be sure to enjoy how realistic the “board game” for Chinese checkers actually looks on this website. It will make you feel as though you are playing from a real Chinese checker board. This is ultimately the best place on the internet where you can play online Chinese checkers.
Checkers Online
This is probably the best website if you are looking for a variety of different online checkers games. At this website, there is only one game of Chinese checkers. The best thing about this game of online Chinese checkers is that it can be played against the computer or you can play the multiplayer version, with five of your friends. In some of the games on this website, you may also be able to change the level of difficulty.
Big Money Arcade
If you want a wide variety options, you may want to Here, you will be able to play with either two, three, four, or six players. To play Chinese Checkers at this free online website, you are going to need to register. This is definitely one of the best free online websites to play this game. In comparison to some of the other games, this board for Chinese checkers is a little bit more intricately designed.
A Game
Another one of the websites where you can play free online Chinese checkers The website offers a free variation of Chinese checkers. It is a great choice if you are looking for a very basic version of the game. Keep in mind that with this version of the game, you will be playing against the computer and not against other players. The same version of this game can be found at various websites, but is the quickest to load and is compatible with most computers.
There is no doubt that there are a number of different websites where you can play free online Chinese checkers. Whether you want to play against the computer or with multiple players, one of these free gaming websites will be able to accommodate your needs. Some of the boards are very intricately designed, while others are incredibly simple.
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