CPU battle - is AMD really going to die?

I still remember somewhere in middle of 2000 when I bought my first PC with my own money ( still 19 that time), the latest AMDk6-II 500 MHz. Really awesome. And I ran it with Windows 2000 (Win2k) since I still blind with Linux during that time. That was my first PC and I really love it. I don`t care if the blower make jumbo jet sound or even the CPU can cook egg 2 or 3 times as long as I can get rid of Intel PC (bad experience when my father bought me stupid 486 with win 3.1).  As the time goes along, so do my PC as well, from Thunderbird to Sempron and the latest AMD Athlon X2-dual  core (waiting for phenom X4 series ). All generation dammed good. Even the market penetration done by AMD (Anti- Microsoft Development ….heheheh)  was very very great until the middle of 2006.
The AMD performance start shrinking. Why?..People say it is because of the huge debt due to big acquisition of the Fat Uncle Bob maker, ATI  Company, and some from other side claim that AMD fail to deliver Barcelona or Opteron Quad-core processor on time. Not even that, AMD also now suffer of the battle among the Top Management due to their performance recently. Poor Ruiz. Undoubtedly, for me, AMD really need ATI in order to boost their track on the game-line compare with Intel. But, is it really a right time just to get the uncertain result from the acquisition together with a bulk loan from Ah Long (shark loan)? Just to remind, Not all PC user are gamers and not All are really highly dependent to great workstation. Most are simple user. And they really not bother about highly giga performance PC.
Another de facto is that most of the users are really comfortable when they heard about intel, compared to AMD. From day one, everybody knows that AMD is an electronic boiler, able cook while operating. And most still think of that till now even though AMD has made a great step to overcome the ‘boiling CPU’ issue.Why?because AMD really not get close to the simple users to sell their new ‘chilled’ CPU series, instead they fight for high end performance features. That is the problem actually. Just do not expect users to go to amd website or anandtech or even tomshardware website to read about new AMD ‘chilled’ CPU series.
From the bottom of my heart, I do believe that AMD will sustain to compete the giant shrek, Intel.  But how long they can survive is depend on their road-map. Whether they really want to gain on gamers and workstation segment, which is really niche market or they have to do something to change people`s mentally about their product performance and quality (if they really have).
Why Dell, or HP, Acer, IBM, Compaq really hard to change to AMD processor? Just think - Politics? performance? friendship? monopoly?…
‘The future is fusion’ - and a lot more confusing……..

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