iPhone 4 on the horizon

TOMORROW Apple will kick of its Worldwide Developer's Conference in San Francisco and everyone is holding their breath as to what the company will announce.
A new iPhone and iPhone OS 4.0 is almost certain but what else will Steve Jobs, Apple chief executive officer, pull out from his sleeve.
From videos and images of the recently leaked "iPhone," we are expecting the new smartphone to feature a front facing camera for video calls and the back camera to include flash.
The other big news will be the release of iPhone OS 4 which was previewed recently. The update will introduce multitasking capabilities on the iPhone which is long overdue and something that users have been waiting for.
In just a few hours Apple will probably unveil the new iPhone
Also, Apple managed to sell one million iPads in just the first month of its launching despite sceptics calling it nothing more than an oversized iPod touch.
We wonder if Apple would be able to repeat its success with the upcoming iPhone which will surely make a big splash.
Well, we'll know the answer in just a few more hours as WWDC will kick off tomorrow at 10.00am in San Francisco (1.00am local time).
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