Samsung keep following Apple's direction

SIDE BY SIDE: Apple has the iPhone and the iPad (left), while Samsung has several smartphones and its Galaxy Tab (right) - wherever Apple goes these days, it seems, the South Korean giant is sure to follow. 

Most of the analysts say, the tech heavyweight rivals are not so much heading into battle as strolling hand in hand into an ever more profitable future.
"Samsung is both a provider and a competitor to Apple. But they have very different strategies. Apple is aiming for the high-end market, whereas Samsung is geared more towards the mass market."
Up to a third of the components of the iPad and the iPhone are actually sourced by Apple from the South Korean firm, analysts say, meaning Samsung has a lucrative finger deep in Apple's pie.
"Apple is dependent upon Samsung to a certain extent for their components but Samsung is clearly benefiting from Apple's innovation," said Hong Kong-based Young.
"Apple has almost single-handedly created a new market for Tablet computers, for instance, which Samsung will capitalise on. But Apple's products are dependent upon Samsung hardware."
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