10 Best Security Apps for iPhone

Apple's App Store currently holds about 85,000 applications for you to download to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Of course, about 84,900 of those programs consist of free and 99-cent games that your seven-year-old would probably find more compelling than you do. So we've scoured reviews, App Store search sites, and recommendation directories to compile this concise list of some of the best security apps currently available.
EyeSpyFX has developed mobile applications that allow you to check surveillance cameras from Axis, Sony, D-Link, Linksys, Mobotix, and Vivotek. Each edition lets you set up a camera list and check the views for up to 100 cameras. You can also add cameras and bring up an edit screen to adjust camera details. When a camera goes offline, a status indicator will point that out. And the app will remember your passwords.
Price: $4.99 and less
Size: Under 0.5 MB
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