The Convenience of Audio-Video Conferencing

There is no doubt that audio-video conferencing software is a useful tool that brings people together. It is a convenient way to hold meetings and quickly get everyone in quickly in with each other. Investing in this software can be costly, though, and smaller companies just starting up might want to go for free audio-video conferencing software instead.

Free audio-video conferencing software is available in a number of web sites offering free software to download. Usually, these will be under the technical software category.

Once you find the software you are looking for, make sure you check it out before downloading. There are a number of things to give thought to. First, check if there are regulations on who can use the software. Make sure a whole organization is allowed to use it.

Then you have to research if the product is safe. You don’t want to introduce a virus or spyware into your network, that’s for sure. Take note of the product reviews and forum posts about the software. Get an idea of what others have to say about it.

If all is well then it’s time to read about its limitations. How many people can join the conference? What can it do? Does it have other features like a chat interface, etc…? The product description is posted in the same page where you can click the link to download it.

Finally, make sure that your existing hardware can run the audio-video conferencing software. What are the hardware and operating system requirements?

If the size of the software is large, you might want to delay downloading the software until the end of the office day. Download time might range from a couple of minutes to a few hours so check it out.

If you chose trial software then beware. You might get used to using it but when the trial period expires, it could cause headaches on your part.

If your company really needs audio-video conferencing software, why not think of purchasing it instead? After all, even with the added expense, it could cause savings in other areas such as operating expenses and travel.

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