Release date for iPhone 4 64GB

So far, Apple’s iPhone models are available in 16 GB and 32 GB versions. It is normal to assume that Steve Jobs would want the next version of the iPhone – often called the iPhone 4G in the rumours – will go for a 64 GB storage. But will it happen?

Rumors said, it will be somewhere in Q1 or Q2 2011. The reason is, Toshiba, which supplies the 16 GB and 32 GB NAND flash memory module to Apple, has just announced a 64 GB NAND flash package. Mass production of the 64GB module will begin in Q3 2010 – it makes sense to believe that Apple would be one of the first customers for this one! Or would they decide to get two of the 64GB modules and offer us a 128 GB iPhone? Oh, the possibilities. The iPod Touch too should benefit from all the extra storage capacity.

It is not just Toshiba but Samsung too who have 64 GB flash memory storage, but so far Apple has preferred to go with Samsung. On the other hand, there are a range of devices – like the Zune HD or any number of smartphones – which would be perfect candidates for a memory upgrade. But an iPhone 64Gb is what makes news, so there you have it. There is no point in mentioning prices or specifications for a 4G Apple iPhone with 64GB or 12GB memory for now, anyway.

Probably, Steve Jobs will announce the release date on early February 2011. iPhone 4 64GB would be the hot item for Valentine's day or Chinese New Year. Just wait and see.

Source: TechViewz.Org
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