Aruba Networks Airheads Technical Conference, Phuket, Thailand 2010

At a glance, about Aruba Networks Airheads Technical Conference, Phuket, Thailand 2010.

Venue: JW Marriott Hotel, Phuket Thailand
Date: 1 - 3 December, 2010

The Airheads Conference is all about Technology Directions and Roadmap: A detailed review of Aruba’s plans for the future. This conference focusing on a few topics as follows:

Designing Defensive Networks with WIPS
Overview of fundamental WLAN security concepts, update on recent threats, and discussion of best-practices for defending your networks. Including a discussion on Aruba’s overall security architecture. 

Supporting Voice & Video over WiFi
Wireless LANs are becoming mission-critical networks supporting a wide variety of voice and video applications (including Microsoft OCS). This session coversbest practices for design, implementation, management and monitoring to deliver reliable performance for voice and video applications. 

Managing an Aruba Networks with AirWave
Focusing on using the AirWave Wireless Management Suite to configure AOS, measure network capacity, and monitor usage patterns. Including discussion and demonstrations of AirWave 7.0

Taking the WLAN Outdoors
An overview of key issues to consider when implementing an outdoor network for access, video surveillance and other applications. Includes discussion of core outdoor design principles, antenna selections, mesh network designs, and more. 

Teleworking & Branch Scenarios
Workers need secure access to their network resources wherever they are: at home, in small remote offices, on the road. This session offers an in-depth look at Aruba Virtual Branch Network architecture and other solutions to address the needs of remote users. 

A Least Privilege Approach to Security using PEF
An in-depth discussion of user roles, Aruba’s Policy Enforcement Firewall (PEF), and Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIP) in Aruba’s new 6.0 software. The speaker will provide in-depth examples of how to protect corporate asset, isolate viruses and worms and more.

Designing Wi-Fi Networks for Density
As more users and devices connect to your network, how do you design your WLAN to assure performance and reliability? The best practices for designing high-density wireless networks – and discuss how to avoid common mistakes.

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