Quick review of The Next Generation Sony PSP

Sony has unveiled two new ways for players to enjoy games on the move - the NGP (Next Generation Portable) and the PlayStation Suite.

FAMILIAR BUT BETTER: The NGP looks similar to its predecessor, but a closer examination at the hardware reveals that the NGP has way more features than the PSP.
AH, Japan, a land of wonder and mystery! And in case you're wondering, the mystery that had been on a lot of people's minds lately was "what will Sony unveil during the 2011 PlayStation Meeting in Tokyo?" The event, held at the Prince Park Tower in Tokyo on Jan 27, was hinted to be a big one for Sony.
And judging from the number of people and press members from around the world in attendance, everyone guessed that Sony had a really big surprise waiting to be unveiled.
Well, they were close. Sony had TWO big surprises, both of which were aimed at changing how players enjoyed PlayStation games on the move: The PlayStation Suite and the NGP.
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