Quick Review of Motorola Xoom Tablet (WiFi-only version)

FIERCE COMPETITION: Motorola is coming out with a
WiFi-only Xoom tablet this month
NEW YORK: Motorola Mobility will start selling a WiFi-only version of its Xoom Tablet computer for US$599 in the United States on March 27.

The Xoom is a prominent competitor to Apple Inc's iPad. A version with cellular broadband access went on sale last month for US$800, or US$600 with a two-year contract in that country.

The WiFi-only iPad 2 model with 32GB of Flash memory, the same amount as in the Xoom, also costs US$599. Manufacturers trying to take on the iPad have otherwise had a hard time matching the iPad's price.

The iPad 2 and Xoom both have fast dual-core processors and two cameras. But Motorola Mobility's Tablet runs Google Inc's Android software, while the iPad runs a version of the iPhone's software. - AP
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