10 Reasons to Travel NOW !!

1. You only live once

Stop saying tomorrow. You could die tomorrow. So make it a good one.


2. Nothing at home changes

I’ve been backpacking on and off for 5 years. Every time I come home it’s the same old shit.


3. Your life will become more exciting

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Starting the day you leave you’ll notice a massive difference


4. Create amazing stories for yourself

Ever sat there and listened to how great someone’s story is? Were you envious? even jealous? Travel for a month and you’ll never be the one sitting in awe.


5. Learn to be self sufficient

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Wait until you’re in a situation you don’t think you’ll ever get out of. Once you overcome the fear of what could happen you’ll finally realise that it’s in your power to overcome the worst of any situation.


6. You’ll find yourself

“If you travel far enough you’ll meet yourself”.


7. Make amazing friends

No offence but more often than not there are more and better friends out there than those you’ve known your whole life.


8. Experience different culture

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Good-luck if you’re trying to get on this train in Japan though!


9. See things you didn’t know existed

Did you know you can go to a pitch black restaurant and your waiter is blind? Did you know that you can even be served sushi by a robot in Japan? Did you know…


10. You’ll have a different outlook on life forever

You will never look at things the same. You will always crave a more fulfilling and adventurous life.

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