Top 10 Signs Your IT Operations are Really Ugly

IT operations is becoming the central nervous system of most organizations, and any kind of degradation will directly impact business. Therefore, the most efficient department in any company needs to be IT, yet we find IT in most organizations to be the weakest link in the business chain and in costly disarray.

Top 10 signs your IT operations are really ugly, and what to easily do about it.
  1. You hear “cloud” and you look curiously at the sky
  2. Thanks to swivel chair management, your office chair has more miles on it than your car
  3. The engineering department keeps complaining that the entire resource consumption cost is coming out of their budget
  4. The server team is threatening to shut everything down if they have to keep seeing their stats lumped in with everyone else's
  5. You think BSM hides under Harry Potter's Cloak of Invisibility
  6. You can't walk down the hall without running into an agent
  7. You've tasked HR with hiring someone from the International Guild of Knot Tiers to tie-in your config and performance management
  8. Tools, tools everywhere, and not a single one that’s useful
  9. The closest your team gets to collaboration on uptime is when they go out for beers after work
  10. All the alarms and alerts make your office look like the staging area for FEMA
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