Using E-mail at Risk

Electronic mail, often abbreviated to e-mail, email or originally eMail, is a store-and-forward method of writing, sending, receiving and saving messages over electronic communication systems. Email applies to the Internet e-mail system based on the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, to network systems based on other protocols and to various mainframe, minicomputer, or internet by a particular systems vendor, or on the same protocols used on public networks.

Email Security Consist of 4 Major Risks which are Email Spoofing, Spreading Malwares, Email Bombing and Email Spamming.

Email Spoofing
Email spoofing is a kind of forgery. Mails appear to be sent from a known sender but they are actually not so. Spoofing involves forging the email headers, by altering the header information.

Spreading Malware
Malware is a form of computer code that is aimed at Internet users and results in unsolicited outcomes. Malicious codes such as Trojans, Virus and Worms spread fast via emails.

Email Bombing
It refers to transferring a huge amount of emails to victim, ensuing the victim's email account crash. An easy way of attaining this would be to subscribe the victim's email address to a huge number of mailing lists.

Email Spamming
It uses electronic communications medium to transmit unwanted messages to someone in bulk. The most common form of Spam is transmitted in the form of email as a form of the commercial advertising.
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