Ruang Udara Belgium di tutup 24 jam mulai 14 Disember 2014

Belgocontrol Brussels Airport

Ruang udara Belgium akan ditutup selama 24 jam mulai 14-12-2014 pukul 10:00 malam waktu tempatan akibat mogok yang dilancarkan oleh Kesatuan Kerja ACV/CSC Transcom yang mewakili kakitangan pengawal trafik udara.

Air traffic at all Belgian airports (Antwerp Airport, Brussels Airport, Brussels South Charleroi Airport, Liège Airport & Ostend-Bruges Airport) will be completely halted. Overflying traffic will not be stopped, as that airspace is controlled by Eurocontrol.

Airlines are preparing for the national strike on 15 December:

– Brussels Airlines has cancelled all its flights and will do its utmost to limit the inconveniences for its passengers and to get them to their destination as smoothly as possible (free cancellations and changes of reservations),

– Jetairfly will divert all its flights to airports in neighbouring countries (Maastricht, Lille for short- and medium-haul, Amsterdam/Schiphol for long-haul). Jetairfly will provide coaches for the transportation to/from these airports.

– Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium will also divert its flights to Lille airport in France.

Strikes 15 December: no flights in Belgium
Belgocontrol, Belgian Air Traffic Control, has confirmed that no flights will land or take off from Belgium due to the national strike. This means that all 600 flights from or to Brussels Airport from Sunday 14 December 10pm till Monday 15 December 10pm have been cancelled.

– Do not come to the airport

– Contact your airline or travel agency

For more information on the national strike, check out this topic on the national strike 15 December.
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