Kualiti Talian Maxis di KL Sangat, Sangat, Sangat Teruk !!

Could you say that again? Maxis lines in KL experience crippling disruptions

KL Subscribers to Malaysia's top dog telco, Maxis, were in for a rude shock today, as service for both its mobile and internet services in the city were crippled due to "technical issues".

Users in affected areas can expect a loss of connectivity for both their phones and internet devices logged on to the Maxis network.

In a post on its official Facebook page, Maxis apologised for the missed connections, which seem to have hit almost the entire west side of Kuala Lumpur:
Of course, some of the more cynical of Maxis's customers could always respond to this by saying, "what's the difference between today and yesterday?"

Nampaknya, perang saraf Maxis pada syarikat Telco lain seperti dalam iklan TV (boleh jerit lama-lama depan kipas) ternyata meleset. Sudah tentulah credit lambat Habis (Iklan W.A.R.I.S) sebab tak boleh nak guna. Tak boleh nak buat call, tak boleh nak browse internet credit pun tak luak.
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