Sidang Meja Bulat Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu (MTEM):

Petikan daripada Sidang Meja Bulat Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu (MTEM) bersidang pada 17Jun 2015:

1. Rich-poor economic gap has widened with top 20% richest Malaysian control 90% of the country wealth.

2. Bumiputeras make up 82% of workers with no formal education (although they are proportionately among those with primary (67%), secondary (64%) and tertiary (66%) education).

3. 70% of all jobless graduates in 2010 were Bumiputera.
Bumiputeras occupy only 8% of managerial positions in the private sector.

4. Bumiputera employees are overly represented in the declining primary sector (agriculture sub-sectors such as food and cash crops, livestock forestry and fishing).

5. Three-quarters of Bumiputeras in the labour force are either semi-skilled (64.7%) or unskilled (9.4%) workers. Only a quarter (25.9%) are categorised as management staff, professionals or skilled workers.

6. One of every four (26.3%) Bumiputera households earns below roughly RM2,000 monthly. (Compared to Chinese 13.8%; Indians 20.2%).

7. While Chinese household income averaged RM6,366, Indian households averaged RM5,233 during the same period. Bumiputera households came in last, with average incomes the lowest at RM4,457.

8. Our respectable fellow Chinese Malaysians who constitute 27% of Malaysian population possess 65% of the country wealth.

9. 90.7% of all micro-sized enterprises were Bumiputera-owned enterprises.

10. Bumiputera companies made up only 8.2% of large companies in Malaysia, only 15% of total market capitalisation.

11. 48.4% of the 10,000 youth declared bankrupt in 2012 were Malays.

12. Bumiputeras own only 25% of the total value of properties homes in Malaysia (compared to non-Bumiputeras who own two-thirds of the national value).

— Data daripada MTEM (Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu) .
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