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Chinese Rawang residence basically know the famous steamed Talapia fish restaurant in Rawang. Most of them know the restaurant Lan Je because it have been around quite long. This restaurant is so famous that the only dish worth ordering is Steamed Talapia and nothing else.

Now we would like to recommend another restaurant that have at least 18 ways of cooking Talapia. You should learn to taste several ways of how this Talipia have been cook and we would like to recommend three types of these cooking.

Chin Fong Talapia

The Talapia are fried and steamed before serving wrap in aluminium foil. The wrapping seal up the juice and contained the aroma of the curry leaves during the steaming process.

The fish is crispy at the surface yet juicy when you bite into it. It is both appetizing as well as spicy to the taste. A definite to hit with spicy food lover.

Kwai Mei Talapia

Literally translated as "Unique Flavor Talapia". It is indeed unique because the fish is marinated in orange juice and fried with curry leaves. It is a favourite with both children and adult alike. The uniqueness is that on one hand you like the smell emitted by the curry leaves and on the other, the savoury taste of orange.

Kwai Fei Poh Pin Talapia

For those who do not like fried fishes, they have steamed talapia with sliced abalone. Normally, steamed talapia are associated with muddy smell. The way the fish is steamed have removed all the mud smell and with the slices of abalone you would think twice about labeling talapia fish and a lowly fish.

The smoothness of the fish plus the spring texture of the abalone, you cannot imagine the fish is talipia. Most would think the fish to be a Napolean Wrasse fish but not at that price.


To get to this restaurant, you need to turn toward the left after exiting the Rawang interchange toward Batang Berjuntai / Batu Arang. It is approximately 3 km from the toll, on the right side of the road directly before the Shell Station. You should see the restaurant before you reach the traffic junction to Bandar Country Homes.

Other Dishes:

There are other dishes to choose from among my favourite is the Shanghai Spicy Chicken ( Top Right Picture). his special dishes are concoction of the restaurant owner. The chickens slices are fried with four types of chillies and add with a tinge of salted fish. When eaten hot, you would enjoy gulping them with plateful of rice.


The Prices are reasonable. The prices of talipia dishes are from RM 18 to RM 30 depending on the size of the fishes and the style of cooking. It is a good place for family dining as you would have nice food without a dent in your pocket.


Restoran Chin Hiong
Lot 2, Batu 22, Jalan Batu Arang,
Kampung Sungai Bakau,
48000 Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 603 6092 0628

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